YoDB #6 video: Your Workloads in VMWare

VMWare ESX is a popular stack on which to run databases and other workloads. Alex Pearson (@alexpearson) takes us through the considerable capabilities of this platform, going into some details about its scheduling algorithms, common set up scenarios and how it works with the latest storage hardware, NUMA memory layouts and network controllers based on his considerable experience. The talk is aimed at system administrators, both of VMWare and the software that it runs.

If you weren't there on the 17th May, or even if you were and need to recap this technical tour-de-force, a video of his talk is here.

Alex Pearson: Your Workloads in VMWare

If you want to read more from Alex, check out his blog, vrandom.com.

Look out for the next YoDB session in two months time.