Oh my, we have an exciting line-up for our fourth meet-up.

The November YoDB meeting will be hosted, as usual, at The Adelphi in Leeds city centre. This time on Tuesday November 10th from 6.30pm.

The first speaker will be Robin Moffatt (@rmoff) from Rittman Mead. The membership have voted (almost unanimously) and Robin will be delivering a talk on the ELK stack (Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana).

This will be followed by a talk from Andrew Bulloch (@dbasushi) of Oracle Corp. Andrew works in the Enterprise Manager team and will be giving a talk on what goes on behind the scenes as an Enterprise Manager 12c Agent takes care of its daily business. The committee have seen this this talk before - it is very good indeed.

Two excellent topics and two speakers of pedigree I'm sure you agree.


18.30: Meet and greet
19.00: Introduction
19.15: Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana - Robin Moffatt
20.00: Networking
20.15: A Day In The Life Of An Enterprise Manager Agent - Andrew Bulloch
21.00: AOB & close

We'll also hang around downstairs in the Adelphi for a while afterwards for more networking time.