YoDB #8: free tickets available on Eventbrite for 10th May

YoDB#8 will take place on Wednesday May 10th, again at The Editor's Draught in Leeds city centre. Our first speaker is Neil Johnson (@neiljdba) from YoDB. The talk is about using OS tools to dig in to Oracle instance startup to see what's happening and how. Second on we… >>read

Ron Ekins: Flash for the Oracle DBA

At YoDB #7 Ron Ekins from Pure Storage presented on Flash for the Oracle DBA, covering all aspects of flash storage and its advantages over traditional disk systems. Slides are available on Slideshare. You can view the video on Vimeo instead: Flash for the Oracle DBA… >>read

Kafka's Role in Implementing Oracle's Big Data Reference Architecture

Presented at YoDB #7 on 1st March, here are the slides from Robin Moffatt's presentation on Kafka are now available. Any successful Big Data platform needs to be built around solid architecture and resilient flexibility to changing data usage and sources. The great value of enterprise data is in being… >>read

YoDB #7: free tickets available on Eventbrite for 1st March

For the first YoDB meeting of 2017 we are going back to our roots at The Editor's Draught (our first meet-up was at this venue under a previous name) in Leeds city centre on Wednesday March 1st. Our first speaker is Ron Ekins (@RonEkins) from Pure Storage with a presentation… >>read

YoDB #6 video: DevOps for DBAs

DevOps is a word often heard it IT now but where did it come from and what does it mean for your humble DBA? Should DBAs adopt DevOps and which tools might be of use? Ben Thompson goes through the four elements of C.A.M.S. - Culture, Automation,… >>read